Apr 3, 2012

Some Tell-tale Signs that You Might be a Katoliban or a Katoliban Sympathizer


1.) You completely agree that teenage girls in bikinis who post their photos on Facebook should be expelled from school and not be allowed to attend graduation, thereby ruining their future.

2.) You think that celibacy and pedophilia are compatible or at least the latter is forgivable if committed by a ‘man of the cloth’.

3.) You believe that the opinions of ‘virgins’ are authoritative when it comes to sexuality and family planning.

4.) You believe that old men wearing pointy hats have far greater wisdom when it comes to running a secular government. Hence, they should rule.

5.) You are absolutely convinced that there is a special ‘warm’ but utterly uncomfortable place for all those who do not agree with your beliefs.

6.) You have special fetish for pain and suffering.

7.) You are incapable of distinguishing dogmas from reality.

8.) You are offended by this post.


KATOLIBAN – This is a derogatory term that originated from social networking sites and online forums referring to Catholics who are religious fanatics and behaving/thinking like Islamic Talibans in terms of narrow-mindedness and backwardness. Hence, the term is derived from two words, namely, Katoliko (Filipino spelling) and Taliban. Katolibans are always trying to bring civilizations back to the glorious days of the Dark Ages.


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