Mar 23, 2012



An hour for Gaia may not matter much
After all, continental drift is just a few minutes in her watch

If you think that sunrise takes too long
You have not yet tried waiting for mountains to form
Only to be eroded by wind and storm

An hour for Gaia may seem irrelevant

To her who has gathered
the oceans from millennia of rainfall
To her who has watched
the rearrangement of constellations
To her who has written
her records in sediments and stones
And waited for radioactive isotopes to decay in eons

To Gaia, the ancient one
You gave birth to life from primordial ponds
In the recesses of volcanic vents
Where organic molecules abound

From the first self-replicating microbes
To the self-conscious beings pondering the divine
Gaia, you sustain both the lowly and the sublime

An hour for you Gaia may not matter much
Merely symbolic and ritualistic it may seem
But we offer you this homage with our hopes and dreams
Please forgive us for our excesses and extremes

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