Jul 28, 2009

Futility of Prayers


Religion promotes superstitious wishful thinking. This naive attitude is usually expressed in prayers. It is assumed that prayers are means of communicating with the divine but it seems that “communication” in this case is actually just a monologue. Shouting inside a cave might be more effective than praying because at least you will get an immediate response.

At best, the answers of a deity or deities to prayers are subject to the interpretation of the believers. For instance, some say that the Judeo-Christian God answers prayers in three ways, namely, YES, NO, and WAIT. However, this statement does not make much sense; it is tantamount to saying that God is really unreliable when it comes to answering prayers. You can pray to a potato and you will surely receive the same three possible answers of YES, NO, and WAIT depending on your own interpretation.

Assuming that an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent and all-wise God does exist, praying would be self-contradictory and futile because of four main reasons:

1. If God is all-knowing or omniscient, prayers are not necessary because he already knows what we need. It would be redundant to constantly remind God of the things that we need or want.

2. If God has a divine plan (e.g., the manner and time of death of a love one), many types of prayers are meaningless if they contradict this plan.

3. If God is all-wise, prayers are meaningless because we mere mortals cannot change the mind of God by pointing out certain deficiencies in our lives. Even these deficiencies may actually have their own purpose.

4. Prayers of thanks and praise are merely ego-boosting. How can an omnipotent and omniscient God benefit from our expression of gratitude and flattery?


  1. Funny, eh? In the high-tech era of the 21st century, people still believe in religious. Seems like Homo sapiens sapiens isn't really evolving after all.

    Over here at Malaysia, the situation only gets worse. Not only would parents pray when their child falls sick instead of taking them to the doctor. They somehow go to the temple, mix "holy" paper with water and let their kids drink it. It would need quite some effort to wake the world up, it seems.

  2. I always wonder why those enlightened ones, don't leave us unenlightened ones to our childish beliefs. I don't appreciate people treading on my first amendment rights.


  3. I am waiting to see Atheists form an organization, that helps homeless people, feeds the hungry and clothes the naked. Atheists are blood suckers, who contribute nothing to humanity. You idiots, only sow seeds of discord.

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