Oct 1, 2007

Why I am an Atheist?


I became an atheist not because of problems or because of the desire to rebel. I became an atheist for similar reason that people become Christians, Buddhists or Muslims. I was converted. I was convinced of the fundamental truths of atheism.

Although atheism is not a religion, it is a way of life and a way of thinking. Contrary to how some people would think, atheism is not synonymous with immorality or it is a sort of rebellion against any deity. Atheism is simply the realization that there are no gods and the supernatural does not exist.

Atheism is a choice that is forced by reason and evidence. Atheism is not faith or lack of faith. On the contrary, atheism is the absolute faith on the human capacity to understand. Atheism is the pinnacle of morals and ethics. It is not clouded by prejudice or bigotry. Atheism does not claim any self-righteousness. Atheism is not arrogant in claiming wisdom or knowledge about the absolute truth. For atheism, truth is what can be explained by evidence and not by blind faith.

Religion is a mythology that we created to give us comfort and hope. However, this hope is false. Atheism is based on science and not superstitions. For atheism, only science can give us true hope.

We, atheists derive our sense of purpose and meaning from the knowledge that this life is all that we have. Hence, this life is very precious. Heaven and hell are illusions. We can make heaven out of our short existence. The universe is beaconing.

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