Oct 12, 2007

Hate Messages


This is probably a waste of time, but I will blog about it anyway. Lately, I have been receiving hate messages posted on my Meebo Box. Those messages are not even fit to be posted here. Obviously, whoever posted those messages has read this blogsite. From the clear ad hominem attacks that the reader or those readers have made, I would presume that I have hurt someone's religious, self-righteous senses. I only hope that it was not some berserk mujajeden or fundamentalist fanatic trying to avenge his or her cosmic father in the sky.
What can I say to whoever posted those malicious messages? Well, for one thing, he or she is a coward who does not even have the decency to identify himself or herself. This is not an ad hominem attack but just a mere statement of fact. Secondly, whoever posted those messages was clearly incapable of any rational and civil debate. Well, this only proves what kind of God this person is worshipping.

This blogsite was created without the intention of pleasing anyone. On the other hand, this blogsite was also created without the intention of hurting anyone. This blogsite was created to simply express my views as an atheist. I do not even intend to convert people. Honestly, I am depressed about my atheism; it is hardly an inspiring philosophy but it is the most convincing philosophy that I have ever encountered. I would not be an atheist if I had a choice, but the force of reason compels me.

If somebody reading this blogsite is abhorred by its contents, well, stop reading. However, if civil and rational discussion is what you want, you can simply post sensible comments and I will reply accordingly.
Finally, to whoever posted those hate messages, stop doing it or at least have the courage to make it public. You are only worsening the already damaged reputation of your God or gods by posting those senseless messages. You are only demonstrating your ignorance and fanatic delusions.


  1. Are these people so insecure in their faiths that blogs such as ours, read by only a handful of people, constitutes a threat to them?

    I get the impression that our mere existence is a threat to them. They just cannot abide the fact that atheists can lead normal, fulfilling lives.

  2. I have the same problem with religious spammers in the comments on my blog, they seldom seem to actually properly read my posts and they never leave any contact details whatsoever! They also seem to have pre-written standard texts they copy and paste into their comment about how I should convert and save myself from impending doom. I don't mind thoughtful critisim from believers (in fact I rather like it) but I really hate the mindless 'you're an evil atheist' rambles. I have a theory on why they do this and it's that many of these people simply can't cope with questioning their religion so they don't want to read the post, it's like their scared of it. I know a very religious person who has never got past the first chapter of the "Da Vinci Code" for the same reason. He just seems to be scared of what it might contain. *sighs* ah well, at least we try to broaden their minds! Thanks for dropping by my blog btw.

  3. I had a fundie imply that my husband died because I was an atheist...strange indeed. Then what's the reason for fundies' relatives dying? Crazy people!

  4. Tina, when fundies loved ones die, it's because "the Lawd called them"!

  5. indeed, some religious people have double standards. they only see what they want to see and only hears what they want to hear. some are incapable of coping in life without relying to the imaginary supernatural.

  6. Congratulations!

    You know you've hit the big time and have a popular blog when you start getting hate mail.

    I wouldn't worry about the haters. They know what they believe and that they are to spread it to others, but they don't know WHY they believe it and have no real evidence to back it up.

    You've come to a logical and rational conclusion by deciding that there is no god. It doesn't have to be depressing though. Now that you don't believe in it, there is no chance that you are going to hell :-) You also have more time to live the only life you've got to the fullest as your Sunday mornings are free!

    Great blog; keep it up.

  7. hhmmm... I got hooked by this post of yours for a moment. Though my comment is a bit late, just wanted to tell a similar story. You said you've been receiving hate mails? It made me remind my of college days.

    I have a male friend whom I gotten so close with and who once claimed he's an atheist. So, off with it and I'm ok with that. I didn't react. Just accepted it and didn't question him. It's his own belief, anyway. So who am I to question him?

    However, there were colleagues who didn't believe and try to coax him to speak things up.They tried to engage him into a battle of words, debate as you'd say it. Others who don't understand or know how to respect one's belief laughed at him, mocked him, and smirked at him. You see? You can't please everybody. And you can't really stop and say to them, can you just give me the benefit of respect and just say nothing?

    It's ok, Homar... We got different types of people here. As long you stick to what you believe, they are nothing to fear of.

  8. hi jirl, tnx for your comment and sympathy. as you can see, ds blog has been stagnating for three months now. it's not because that i do not have anything to post, it's just i am still ambivalent if i really should continue blogging if it is becoming offensive. i am not trying to convert people, i simply want to express and be understood.


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